Smith Farm Supply Videos

Smith Farm Supply is excited to be making more videos for you to enjoy! Be on the lookout for more videos over the next few weeks.

Hey guys! My name is Ethan Demore with Smith Farm and Supply. I hope y’all are having a great day today!

First of all, thank you so much for tuning into this first video. Also, if you’re a customer of ours already, thanks so much, it means a lot to us. These next videos we are about to be sharing are going to be informational videos on the products that we sell. Also, we are going to have some humor in them to keep your attention. Also, some of my favorite ones are going to be customer videos where we’ve got customers who have been with us through the thick and thin. They’re going to share with us what Smith Farm Supply means to them and why they choose Smith Farm Supply.

We hope you enjoy them! If you do, please share, comment. We look forward to seeing y’all in the next video and y’all have a great day!