Purina Start & Grow

Chick season is in full spring. Do you have what you need to get your backyard flock started? One of the first things you will need is Purina Start & Grow. It is a complete and balanced chick ration that will give your chicks everything they need to get a healthy and strong start.

You will also need a waterer to provide fresh and clean water to them every day and a poultry feeder. Your chicks will also need to maintain their body heat until they lose their soft down feathers. You will need heat lamps to provide warmth, then slowly decrease the heat by about 5 degrees every week until they grow their feathers.

Stop into Smith Farm Supply for any and all of your chick needs. We have seven locations in Georgia to best serve you. We’re proud to be your local Purina Dealer. Be sure to check out Purina’s website for more information about poultry feeds and supplies.