Grass Seed

grass seedSmith Farm Supply carries a variety of grass seed to create beautiful lawns and pastures.  Here you will find a wide selection of grass seed, including Bermuda, Bahia, ryegrass and fescue.  We carry generic grass seed as well as brand name grass seed from manufacturers, including Pennington, TifBlair, Marshall Ryegrass, Wrangler Seed Bermuda Grass, and Titan.  You can purchase your seed by the bag.  Or, generic seed can also be purchased in bulk by the pound.

Pennington Seed offers a wide variety of seed for any yard type. Pennington’s Contractor’s Mix is perfect for both sunny and shady yards. It’s formulated specifically for the buyer’s region and provides dense coverage for a lush yard.

Sahara II is certified Bermudagrass offered by Pennington. This particular seed is tough. Drought tolerant, heat, and insect resistant, Sahara Bermudagrass is excellent for a sunny yard with loads of foot traffic.

Smart Seed Sun and Shade is the perfect mix if you’re looking for a thick lawn with excellent drought tolerance. With seed varieties that grow in both shade and sun, this seed is custom mixed and designed specifically for the region in which they’re sold.

TifBlair centipede is perfect for applications involving home landscaping, roadside remediation, commercial lawns, erosion control and more.  Available as sod and seed, you get the only certified centipedegrass – TifBlair – perfect for your budget and application.

Marshall Ryegrass is highly sought after for its extreme cold tolerance, making Marshall one of the most cold-tolerant varieties of annual ryegrasses.   Application areas for Marshall ryegrass vary depending on the intended use.  Primarily Marshall Ryegrass is used for pastures where it has high yields in forage production.

Wrangler seeded, unhulled bermuda grass is the cattleman’s choice for high-quality forage in the tough growing conditions of the transition and southern zones. Wrangler Bermuda grass is much more cold tolerant than the older Bermuda grass pasture and hay varieties.  Wrangler is an excellent choice for pasture, hay, or soil conservation in temperate and subtropical regions.

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