Chicken Supplies

Chicken suppliesSmith Farm Supply carries poultry and chicken supplies to maintain your flock.  From backyard and barnyard flocks to large chicken operations, we have what you need to keep your chickens healthy and productive.

We have fencing and hardware to help you build your coop, as well as a variety of feeders and waterers that will keep your feathered friends satisfied.  No matter if you raise show chickens, layers, or broilers, we have the products for every purpose and life stage.  If you have chickens, then flock on over to Smith Farm Supply and let our friendly, knowledgeable staff find you exactly what you need.

Don’t forget about Chicken Feeds. We have feeds for the chicks (Chicken Starters) to layers and more mature birds.



Want to learn more about keeping your backyard flock happy and healthy? Check out this video from Purina.

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Poultry Health

A healthy chicken is a productive chicken, that's why we stock the poultry health products you need to keep your bird ...

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