Boots & Gloves

We've got boots made for the toughest jobs.

For over 130 years, “the Wolverine® brand has been the sturdy sole that helped shape a nation.” When you work hard, you deserve the boot that works hard for you. Truly, Wolverine® is the leader in premium work footwear. They have proprietary comfort technologies that not only provide comfortable workwear but quality craftsmanship that Wolverine® is known for.

The Georgia® Shoe Manufacturing Co., Inc. began its story back in 1937. Above all, they wanted to make shoes that were affordable and dependable work footwear. Even though they focused on low-priced footwear, they didn’t compromise on the quality. To this day they continue to produce quality work shoes that range from traditional work boots to industry-specific protective wear. Undoubtedly, their line includes farm and ranch styles. In addition, with its Comfort Core technology, Georgia® was the first to bring the performance of athletic shoes to work boots.

The most comfortable, ruggedly durable footwear for men. Our line of high-quality Work Boots, Outdoor Boots, Public Service Boots, and Western Boots are packed with all of the features you want including Waterproof, Steel Toe and Insulated.

Golden Stag Gloves

Golden stag gloves are known for being the right gloves for the right job. They are made in the USA from high-quality materials. These Golden Stag Work gloves are affordable and wear-resistant. We stock a variety of styles and colors from leather and cotton to winter gloves for the cold weather.

Smith Farm Supply staff will be happy to help find the right size boots and gloves you need. Also, if you are looking for some great Christmas gifts, boots and gloves are sure to be appreciated by all ages on your Christmas list.

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