Fall Fish Days

Fall Fish Days | Smith Farm Supply

Get ready for Smith Farm Supply’s Fall Fish Days.

Is it time for some pond stocking? Do you need to stock your pond with quality fish? Mark your calendars! Fall Fish Days are coming to a Smith Farm Supply store location near you. Click to see our October schedule.

Milledgeville – 9/25 @ 3pm
Sandersville – 10/11 @ 9am
Warrenton – 10/11 @11am
Harlem – 10/23 @ 11am
Washington – 10/25 @11am
Lincolnton – 10/25 @1:30pm
Royston – 11/1 @ 12:30pm


Our fish supplier is Southland Fisheries Corp. from Hopkins, South Carolina. Since 1981 this pond stocking supplier has been specializing in raising top-quality fish for their customers. They only raise top quality fish with the highest success rate. We offer a variety of fish that will benefit your pond best. All stocking recommendations are based on the notion that your pond is generally healthy (fertilized, limed, etc.) and you are feeding your fish the recommended amount. Recommended stocking numbers are for a pond that has little to no pre-existing fish and is fertilized, limed, fed, and properly maintained.  Stop by during our Fish Days and they can provide you with their expertise on how to stock your pond.

Types of fish that MAY be available: Sterile Grass Carp, Largemouth Bass, Channel Catfish, Bluegill/Shellcracker Mix, and Minnows: Mosquito Fish or Fathead Minnows (based on availability).
Contact your local Smith Farm Supply for more information on Fall Fish Days and how to pre-order. Also, we recommend you to place large orders ahead of time to ensure availability.

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