Westway Pro-Lix Liquid Feed

Westway Pro-Lix Liquid Feed

Smith Farm Supply carries Westway Pro-Lix is a liquid feed. A molasses-based feed supplement that contains the protein, energy, vitamins, and minerals.  After the first frost of the year pasture grasses don’t always provide the proper nutrients needed for cattle. Pro-Lix products are homogeneous, uniform mixtures that maintain stability and feature long shelf life. They’re an affordable, convenient way to make sure your cattle’s nutritional requirements are met.

Each Pro-Lix formula contains protein, phosphorus, potassium, necessary vitamins, and many more nutrients essential to animal nutrition. The key, though, is palatability. Cattle are attracted to the molasses in Pro-Lix, so they’ll come back to it throughout the day-enough to satisfy their needs, but not enough to overeat. As long as proper feeding and management practices are followed, overeating is unlikely to occur.

The ingredients in Pro-Lix have a number of important nutritional benefits. By stimulating micro-organisms in the rumen, they can boost appetite, feed intake and feed utilization.

Westway Pro-Lix Feeding Options

Pro-Lix gives you a number of feeding options. You can choose any one of the below options with confidence. Pro-Lix may be fed:

  • as a free-choice supplement in lick wheel feeders
  • as a top dressing on the roughage or grain portion of the diet
  • as an ingredient to be mixed in with all-in-one ration or concentrates

Regardless of how you use it, Pro-Lix greatly improves the value of the ordinary feed.