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Clothing at Smith Farm Supply Lincolnton

Now is a great time to stop by Smith Farm Supplies Lincolnton location and shop for clothing and boots. We have all types of casual wear that fits your lifestyle. From casual wear working in your backyard, camping, or working hard outdoors, we have what you need.

Top brands like Wrangler and Carhartt are names we carry because its a name our customers have known and trust.

Carhartt Clothing

It all started in 1889 when Hamilton Carhartt started sewing bib overalls for railroad men in Detroit. By 1910, this overall started what would become an international brand that expanded to Walkerville (Ontario), Toronto, Vancouver, Liverpool, and Paris. During World War I and World War II, Carhartt manufactured uniforms for both men and women. In 1972 they expanded into private label brands into Sears, JC Penny, and Montgomery Ward. Ever expanding and looking for innovative products, Carhartt has created new technologies such as Quick Duck®, Storm Defender®, Rain Defender®, Carhartt Force®, and Carhartt Force Extremes®. It’s easy to see why this brand is an American staple. Carhartt. Outworking them all since 1889.

Wrangler Clothing

Wrangler® is an American brand that embodies the spirit of the west. Since 1947, it has changed the way people work and play. It all began when C.C. Hudson created the Hudson Overall Company in 1904. In 1919 they changed the name to Blue Bell Overall Company. In 1943 they acquired Casey Jones Company that owned the brand, Wrangler. This was where it all began, the infamous Wrangler jeans was born. Ever since then, Wrangler has become the brand for western wear and those in the rodeo circuit.

We also carry boots in all five Smith Farm locations. The brands we carry are:

Georgia Boots | Smith Farm Supply

Please check each store for availability and pricing as each location may differ.