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BACCTO Products

Smith Farm Supply is offering special savings of 20% OFF all BACCTO Products in August. Must provide the coupon from the newsletter to redeem this offer.

The BACCTO Products brand, a Michigan Peat Company provides premium soils, peat moss, and commercial grower products.  The brand’s formulations have been voted one of the best in cultivating healthy and vibrant plants.

Because they actually have their very own sphagnum peat bog in their Michigan location, all of their soil formulations contain premium peat. This allows for the best growing environment. This facility is considered state-of-the-art with quality technical support and is supported by a number of test labs. With over 30 years of agronomic experience, Smith Farm Supply trusts the BACCTO brand to help maintain your lawn and garden.

Commercial and Professional Blends

BACCTO® commercial grower mixes are lightweight and pre-moistened soil mixes. This allows plants to get a head start with the ultimate growing environment. You have the option of the pre-moistened Professional Planting Mixes or our lightweight Professional Grower’s Mix. Each bag is carefully quality checked and blended to make sure it stays consistent. Each blend includes BACCTO’s sphagnum peat and signature pH stability that includes air porosity and water holding capacity. This is why professional and commercial growers trust the BACCTO brand.

Mix Characteristics Include:

  • pH-stable vacuumed sphagnum peat and perlite mixture
  • pH-adjusted by adding dolomitic lime
  • High nutrient and pH buffering
  • A balance of major and minor nutrients and wetting agents
  • The most air porosity of all BACCTO peat/perlite blends with good moisture reserve balance
  • “Grower friendly” composition in many packaging options

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