Purina Accuration Liquid Feed Delivery

Purina Accuration Liquid Feed

Liquid feed delivery is available at Smith Farm Supply.  Purina Accuration liquid feed is a liquid protein-energy supplement designed for free-choice feeding to pasture cattle. Call your local Smith Farm Supply for pricing for delivery.

Purina Accuration Liquid Feed Features:

  • Contains 10% fat for high energy: Increases level of readily available energy in ration to optimize body condition score, weight gains, and efficiency.
  • Contains protein, vitamins, and minerals: Furnishes all nutrients necessary to balance deficiencies in range cattle diets.
  • Intake Modifying Technology® causes cattle to consume multiple small snacks daily of the supplement, which optimizes the flow of nutrients to the digestive system, thereby increasing forage intake, overall utilization and cattle performance.
    • Convenience – Peace of Mind
    • Molasses-fat blend
    • Easy to store and handle in bulk

Contact your local Smith Farm Supply location for delivery pricing and fill up today before winter weather hits.