Maximizing Show Pigs

In our feeding program, we rely heavily on Purina Feed & Supplements for maximizing show pigs. When hogs first come in as prospects, we start them on PRELUDE 309 DEN35 for that added boost in protein, which helps with muscle development. Once we get the pigs started, we will switch to Honor Show Chow Muscle & Cover 819, an impressive ground feed that has helped our pigs performance.

Purina feeds are easy for our students to use, pigs perform well on Purina feeds, and their health has been excellent. As we move through the feeding program, we see pigs with different needs. If we want to feed for flank, we feed Purina Ultra Full just to keep the pigs fuller and fresher in the center. As we move down further into the program, we will use Purina Power Fuel. We rely heavily on Purina High Octane products like Power Fuel and Champion Drive.

Purina Champion Drive adds a protein boost that pigs need to compete, ensuring you are maximizing show pigs potential to compete.

Stop into Smith Farm Supply for any and all of your show pig needs. We have seven locations in Georgia to best serve you. We’re proud to be your local Purina Dealer. Be sure to check out Purina’s website for more information about poultry feeds and supplies.