Marty Greiner of Brier Creak Southern Kennels and Upland Preserve Testimonial

Marty Greiner of Brier Creak Southern Kennels and Upland Preserve Testimonial.

Marty Greiner is the owner and opperator of Brier Creek Southern Kennels and Uplad Preserve in Thompson, Georgia.  In this video he shares why he relies on Smith Farm Supply.

Greiner says he likes the knowledge and expertise of the workers and the outstanding customer service he receives.  In addition, when he refers one of his customers to Smith Farm Supply for a particular product, they are treated with respect, get their questions answered, and get the items they need at a good price.  Greiner appreciates the respect and time that Smith Farm Supply staff gives each customer, no matter the size of their purchase.

He likes the variety of products that are avaialble.  Wether it’s dog food, deer products, ammo, clothing or even lawn and garden items, Smith Farm Supply has it.  “It’s just a vast amount of products as well as the customer service that helps those clients if they have any questions.”  Greiner says.

Greiner is a dog trainer and handler, a hunter, and is responsible for the land and game management of Brier Creek Upland Preserve.  He relies on Smith Farm Supply because he can buy products in bulk or just pick up a few items.  He appeciates Smith Farm Supply’s dedication to customer service and cometative prices.