Heavy-Duty Hay Rings

Smith farm Supply stocks heavy-duty hay rings by Applegate. Applegate hay feeders are known for their superior strength and longevity. Also, they are protected by an ultra-powder coating to give them more protection from the environment.

In 1974, Applegate was among the first to design and manufacture a Round Bale Feeder.  Thus, earning them a reputation for innovation. Over the years, Applegate has continued to develop its feeder line into one of the largest and most versatile in the market.  Both the horse and the cattle hay rings are designed to save on the amount of excess hay that becomes waste from being walked on by your animals.  With the bale inside the ring, your animals have free choice, clean hay at all times.

Heavy Duty Cattle Hay Ring Specifications: (both options are available)Heavy Duty Hay Ring

2 Piece Features

  • 46″ tall – 8′ diameter
  • 14 gauge steel frame
  • Available with or without the panel option
  • 1-1/4″ diagonals and vertical bars
  • 15 vertical bars on an open feeder
  • Hardware included
  • Cattle Hay RingUltra-protected powder coat bright red

Horse Heavy-Duty Hay Rings Specifications:

Heavy Duty Horse Hay Ring

  • 3 piece construction
  • 16 gauge steel frame
  • Rounded, smooth tombstone design
  • Excellent for horses and show animals
  • Safe and practical
  • Ultra-powder coated bright green

Feeding round bales without a feeder can result in over 50% of the hay going to waste. Without a feeder, the animals step on the hay, and pass manure or urine on the hay. In the long run, the cost of the hay will increase.  Most find the cost of a round bale feeder is less than the cost of wasted hay over time.

Applegate is a livestock equipment manufacturer that is well-known for the quality and craftsmanship of its products. Stop in and look at the hay rings or other livestock equipment available at Smith Farm Supply locations.


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