Heat Lamps for Plants and Animals

Avoid hard winter months on plants and animals by using heat lamps.

There are many applications of heat lamps for plants and animals.

• Heat lamps for pets such as dogs, chickens, turtles, lizards, some kinds of fish and snakes.• Heat lamps for baby animals like kittens, ducklings, and puppies.
• Heat lamps for goats, rabbits, and sheep

Baby animals like chicks, ducklings, piglets, puppies, kittens and more also often require additional sources of heat in their enclosures. Baby animals, especially mammals, aren’t yet capable of regulating their own body heat, so a heat lamp is imperative to ensure their health, comfort, and growth.

  • Heat bulbs should not be too close to the animals, as they can overheat or burn themselves from accidentally touching the bulb
  • Reptiles need a heat bulb that provides both UVA and UVB lights

Heat Lamps for Dogs

Your puppies certainly need to keep warm! Adult dogs to need warmth during the extreme cold weather. Their body heat won’t be able to keep them warm enough – so they need an external heat source. Heat lamps for dogs would do! Put a lamp out for your dog to warm up during these cold winter days and nights.

chicks under heat lampsHeat Lamps for Chickens

Keep your chickens warm and your hens laying on a regular basis by keeping a heat lamp in their coop.  Winter days tend to get hens off their laying cycle and a heat lamp will help correct this problem.

Heat Lamps for Farm Animals

Avoid lambs, goats, and calves getting sickly during winter months by providing a heat lamp for them to warm up with. Also, they are great for keeping pigs warm.

Heat Lamps for Plants

Can’t bring all your plants indoors?  A heat lamp in the area of your plants can help prevent them from freezing on these cold winter nights.