February and March Fish Days

Smith Farm Supply is getting ready for the February and March  Fish Days.  Mark your calendars and get ready to stock your pond with quality fish from our supplier, Southland Fisheries Corporation.Fish Days
Since 1981 Southland Fisheries Corporation in Hopkins, South Carolina has been specializing in raising top-quality fish for customers. They only raise top quality fish with the highest success rate. The fish they provide are healthy and flourish here in the waters of North Georgia.  Stop by during our February and March fish days and they can provide you with their expertise on how to stock your pond.
February Fish Days 2020 for Smith Farm Supply Locations:

Warrenton: 2/28 @ 11am

Lincolnton:  2/28 @ 1:30pm

Sandersville:  2/28 @ 9am

Milledgeville:  2/19 @ 3pm

Washington: 2/28 @11am

Royston:  3/6  @ 12:30pm

Harlem:  2/12  @  11:30am

Types of fish that will be included in the Smith Farm Supply February and March Fish Days:

Coppernose Bluegill – Bluegill reach harvestable size within 12 months and can reach 1 lb in a year in the right conditions.  In addition, they reproduce very well and in great quantities and are excellent feeder fish for your bass. Feed twice a day for best results.

Channel Catfish – Channel Catfish are North America’s most numerous catfish species.  Undoubtedly, Channel Catfish do very well in ponds. They are typically restocked as they are removed (every 1-2 years).

Shellcracker – Shellcrackers have similar characteristics to the Bluegill. They will reach slightly larger sizes. When stocking people often use alongside the Bluegill because they add variety to the pond. However, do not compete much with Bluegill for natural food. Both will eat fish feed, but Shellcracker’s main diet is snails, mollusks, and other small shelled creatures (hence the name). ​

Hybrid Bluegill – Hybrid bluegill is a cross between a male bluegill and female sunfish, which results in 80%-90% of the population being reproduced male. This slows down fast reproduction by keeping the female population to a minimum.

Sterile Grass Carp – Sterile Grass Carp are used as an organic method of controlling problematic weeds instead of using expensive and harmful chemicals. They are a non-indigenous species from Asia and can easily become invasive.

Smith Farm Supply carries a variety of fish food to make sure your fish continue to grown and thrive in your pond environment. Our staff is well versed in pond products and the needs of your new fish. We can help you make sure your fish stay healthy and thrive in their new home.  Stop in or give us a call and one of our friendly staff members will help you decide what fish varieties best suit your pond. Contact us, we look forward to helping you.

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