Creep Feeders Now Available for Winter Feeding


creep feeders

This portable 3-ton creep feeder is only available at our Warrenton, Lincolnton, and Washington locations.

The portable  3-ton creep feeders are now in-stock for purchase at our Warrenton, Lincolnton, and Washington Smith Farm Supply locations for winter feeding. Please contact your local Smith Farm Supply store for other feeders and pricing.

Creep feeding is a common management practice utilized by cow-calf producers. Creep feed is offered to suckling calves in such a way that the adult cows cannot access the feed. The additional nutrients provided by creep feed allow the calf to grow at a rate closer to its genetic potential.

Pasture quality changes from season to season, creep feeding helps provide new calves with nutrients.  Other benefits include producing a more uniform calf crop, reducing weaning stress on calves, and allowing young and/or thin cows to enter the post-nursing period in better condition. Creep feeding will also reduce the feed requirements of the cow herd while maintaining or improving the performance of the nursing calves.

Stop by Smith Farm Supply and get your creep feeders today!