Bulk Corn

Bulk CornDid you know we offer bulk corn? Our corn is sourced from local farms in our community.  Whether you are picking up a 50-pound bag or filling up your barrel, Smith Farm Supply has it taken care of.

Corn is an important part of the hunting season. Many ranch managers to shut off their protein feeders and fire up the corn/spin-cast feeders once we get into the hunting season.

Our bulk wholesale corn is back in stock.  Available in 50 lb bags or in bulk, we’ll have your feeder filled in no time. Bulk corn is only available in Lincolnton and Milledgeville.

The choice to get feed in either bulk or bag is up to the customer.  If you have storage such as an overhead bin and a delivery system such as a blower trailer, then you would most definitely want to take advantage of the savings associated with the bulk feed.  If you do not have storage for bulk feed and your needs don’t call for that type of volume, then going with bag feed is your best choice. At Smith Farm Supply we can serve you either way.

Simply, stop by our location to pick up the bag or bulk feed you need, or let us set you up with scheduled delivery. Contact your local Smith Farm Supply store for delivery options.

Don’t wait, get your bulk corn today at your Smith Farm Supply location!