Antler Xtreme Deer Feed

Antler Xtreme | Smith Farm SupplySmith Farm Supply’s Sandersville and Milledgeville locations are now selling Antler Xtreme deer feed. This “All In One” supplemental feed provides deer with all the minerals needed to sustain maximum antler growth. Antler Xtreme has an exclusive technology G4, that removes all ticks and parasites from deer. This promotes an average of 15% more antler growth.

Another exclusive ingredient called CitriStim which is a proprietary ADM feed ingredient is a proven and very unique whole cell yeast product that benefits all animals at all life stages. This product can help improve the deer’s immunity fight against health challenges. Here’s how it works:

CitriStim Pichia guilliermondii yeast adheres to pathogens and helps modulate body defense mechanisms. The overall result is potential production benefits and an animal that does not as easily succumb to health challenges. CitriStim is the perfect addition to diets for all life stages and classes of animals. It has performance-proven health and production benefits.

Heat stress is a factor for many deer out in the wild. This is why Antler Xtreme has included Thermal Care in its formula. This Ingredient offers an effective solution that reduces the effects of heat stress.  Here’s how it works:

The encapsulated plant extracts and CitriStim®, ADM’s proprietary whole-cell yeast product, are incorporated into this patent-pending technology to help alleviate some of the physiological and health challenges associated with heat stress that cause slower growth, lower milk production and compromised reproductive performance. Thermal Care offers nutritional support proven to lessen the costly effects of heat stress.


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