Massey Ferguson®

We carry all the Massey Ferguson® products you need
to tackle even the hardest jobs.

Massey Ferguson® Tractors

Sub-Compact Tractors

When you’ve got a lot to do in the day, you need a machine that can handle the day-to-day tasks. Massey
Ferguson® sub-compact tractors are versatility-packed and dependable no matter the season.

MF GC1700 Series

Tackle everyday jobs with a Massey Ferguson® GC1700 Series tractor. Whether that’s maintaining your land, getting ready for hunting season or farming part-time, this series is perfect for you.

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Compact Tractors

For tougher jobs, you need a tougher tractor. Massey Ferguson® compact tractors offer a wide range of
horsepower to tackle any size job for maximum productivity.

MF 1700 E Series

If you’re looking for something economical but still hardworking, this is the best man for the job. The MF 1700 E Series gets the job done and does it well. It’s the perfect partner for almost any chore.

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MF 1700 M Series

Get more out of your tractor. The MF 1700 M Series is built to handle the tougher jobs and provide an extremely comfortable experience, so you never want to call it a day.

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MF 1825 E Series

You worked hard for your land, so it’s time you had the tractor that works as hard as you do. The MF 1825 E Series tractor is economical and versatile so you can get more done without sacrificing your wallet.

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MF M Series

You rely on your equipment every day to handle the tough jobs you throw at it. The Massey Ferguson® M Series is made with more versatility and a better ownership experience, so you never have to worry about downtime.

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Utility Tractors

Power through tough jobs with a Massey Ferguson® utility tractor. With horsepower ranging from 49 to
100, we can help you find the perfect tractor for your needs.

MF 2700 E Series

Step up your productivity with this versatile tractor. It can handle jobs from rotary cutting to loader work and more.

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MF 2600 H Series

Make things easier for yourself and invest in the MF 2600 H Series. It packs in the power for your most productive days and best overall ownership experience.

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MF 4700 Series

Engineered for smart, long-lasting operations, the MF 4700 Series tractors know how to get the job done right. Now with even more comfort, you won’t want to leave the cab.

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Massey Ferguson® Implements and Attachments

From loaders to mowers, backhoes and implements, we have a huge selection of equipment for you to choose
from to help you work more efficiently.

Sub Compact and Compact Loaders

Compatible with various models and holding up to 2,810 lbs., Massey Ferguson® sub-compact and compact loaders are great for loading rocks, lumber, dirt, snow and more.

Utility and Mid-range Loaders

Lock and load. Massey Ferguson® utility and mid-range loaders give you a universal skid-steer-type quick release on select models for quick attach and detach skid-steer-style implements.

Sub Compact and Compact Backhoes

Attach a sub-compact or compact backhoe to your tractor in seconds and let the joystick give you complete control of where you need to dig. They might be smaller in size, but they’re big in capability and durability.

Mid-Mount Mower Decks

Mow then go. Each mower has a fast-disconnect design to remove any mid-mount mower in minutes and quickly move on to other jobs.

Batwing® Rotary Cutters

Cut more, faster with the deepest decks in the industry. Batwings® power through farm, ranch or utility cutting, waterway upkeep or roadside maintenance.

Single Spindle Rotary Mowers

Made with high-strength steel and quality parts to provide dependable performance year after year. And, its sloped decks are easy to clean and reduce build-up of debris and trapped water.

Multi-Spindle Rotary Mowers

The exclusive Woods quick-change blade pin system lets you switch to different cutting blades quickly to be up and running in no time.

Rear-Discharge Finish Mowers

These mowers have a unique-front, tapered-side rear discharge deck to give you better maneuverability and reduce trim time.

Box Scrapers

Woods box scrapers have hardened teeth with replaceable tips to effectively dig into rock-hard areas. And its reversable and replaceable high carbon cutting edges ensure longer life.

Grading Scrapers

Woods grading scrapers have a heavy-duty mast plate to create more down force to smooth out surfaces and virtually eliminate the washboard effect.