Flowers and Plants

Flowers and Plants | Smith Farm Supply

Flowers and plants are available at all Smith Farm Supply store locations. Hanging baskets, ferns, and bedding plants are in at all store locations except for the Warrenton store. We have vegetable plants at all of our locations. Flowers can be found at all locations but Warrenton. Please check with each store and confirm availability.

Be sure to pick up organic fertilizers and pest control products to keep your flower gardens weed and insect free. Need some gardening tips? Check out some of these great summer tips below from Bonnie Plants.

Garden Tips for Flowers and Plants

  1. Put in an irrigation system.
  2. Add mulch.
  3. Draft a garden assistant.
  4. Feed the plants.
  5. Inspect the garden.
  6. Plan some post-trip garden time.

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