The Triple Crown Feed Difference

Triple Crown FeedSmith Farm Supply now offers the full line of Triple Crown equine feeds. This feed is the only feed on the market that guarantees over 100 probiotics. This brand specializes in healthy guts in horses.

The Triple Crown Difference

  • Fixed Formula
  • Corn Free
  • 6 or More Organic Material
  • MOS Prebiotics
  • Guaranteed Lactobacillus Acidophilus
  • Guaranteed Digestive Enzymes*
  • Guaranteed Saccharomyces Cerevisiae

The full line of Triple Crown horse feeds include:

  • Senior: A high fat, grain free, beet pulp-based feed. Ideal for older horses with metabolic issues, mature horses, hard keepers, rescue/starved horses, horses with ulcers and those with COPD/heaves. May also be used as a complete diet.
  • Complete: A high fiber, beet pulp-based feed. Ideal for hard keepers, performance horses and horses with COPD/heaves or gastric ulcers. May also be used as a complete diet.
  • Total Lifetime Care: A pelleted high fat feed. Ideal for horses of any age, from foals to senior horses.
  • Low Starch: A grain, alfalfa and molasses free pelleted feed. Ideal for horses with insulin resistance, Cushing’s, EPSM and PSSM requiring additional calories or tend to have allergies. Also ideal for HYPP horses.
  • Lite: A grain and molasses free, highly fortified pellet feed. Ideal for ponies, miniature horses and easy keepers, as well as horses with insulin resistance, metabolic disease, founder/laminitis and Cushing’s.
  • Growth: A moderate soluble carbohydrate, high fat, high fiber, beet pulp-based feed. Ideal for weanlings, yearlings, broodmares and breeding stallions.
  • Training: An oat-based, corn free, high fat feed fortified with fish oil. Ideal for hardworking horses that require a higher caloric intake, hard keepers, performance horses and young horses in training.
  • Safe Starch Forage: A chopped forage fortified with vitamins and minerals. Ideal for horses with metabolic disease, founder/laminitis or poor dentition.
  • 30% Ration Balancer: A pelleted vitamin and mineral feed for easy keepers not needing additional calories. Ideal for ponies, miniature horses, growing horses, broodmares, performance horses and those with metabolic disease. Balances hay and pasture diets.
  • Naturals Pelleted Horse Feed: A nutritious corn free, soybean free, GMO free recipe.
    Naturals Horse Feed contains EquiMix® Organics, a unique combination of advanced supplements formulated to keep your horse at its healthiest.
 If you are looking to start your horses on Triple Crown Feeds, contact your local Smith Farm Supply store and book a delivery.

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