Announcing 0% Financing* and Flexible Financing Programs Through John Deere Financial
At Smith Farm, we understand that your business operates in cycles. We know there are times of the year when you urgently need to make purchases to keep your business on track so you don’t miss out on production or market opportunities.

Harness the Power of John Deere Financial to Increase Profits and Run a More Profitable Operation
Smith Farm is proud to announce that we have teamed up with John Deere Financial to offer 0%, no interest financing on everything you need for your operation.

We call it a multi-use account because you can use it to buy anything.

And we mean anything whether it’s everyday essentials, such as feed, hay and barn materials, or seasonal supplies like seed, fertilizer and crop spray. With financing opportunities and flexible terms that fit your needs, your multi-use account can help make the most from your farm land, equine facility or agricultural business.


Payment Flexibility
You can never predict what next season will bring. That’s why John Deere Financial makes it possible to secure production now with short term credit to match your business cycle.

•Interest-Free Financing
•When you pay your 30-day balance in full each month*
•Improve Cash Flow
•With a minimum monthly payment option
•Buy Now and Pay Later
•With special terms financing**

Financing for Feed
Simplified Account Management
Whether it’s out in the field or in the office, accessing and managing your account is easy.

Monthly Statements
•Make bookkeeping easy with all the details of your transactions

Annual Summary
•End-of-year reports of your purchases help forecast expenses and prepare taxes
24-hour Automated Services Line
•Services hotline keeps you in touch with your latest account activity
Friendly Customer Representatives
•Knowledgeable customer representatives to process applications, solve problems and help manage your account

Easy Online Access
•View your account on any device at
•View statements and recent account activity

Submit payments electronically
•E-mail questions to Smith Farm customer service

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