Safeguard De-wormer Block

Safe-Guard (fenbendazole) En-Pro-Al Molasses Deworming Supplement Block (Medicated) is designed for deworming pastured cattle by feeding these medicated blocks for three days only as of the sole source of salt.

Worm Removal

This Safeguard De-wormer Block is created for the removal and control of:
Lungworms/Stomach worms
  • Barberpole worms
  • Brown stomach worms,
  • Small stomach worms

Intestinal worms/Small intestinal worms

  • Hookworms
  • Thread-necked intestinal worms
  • Bankrupt worms
  • Nodular worms.Safeguard De-wormer Block
It is essential to establish full cattle adaptation to supplemental block feeding prior to treating cattle with Safe-Guard En-Pro-AL Molasses Deworming Block (Medicated). Moreover, cattle behavior and per capita consumption must be established by feeding non-medicated En-Pro-AL Blocks prior to medicated block treatment. Also, adaption to block feed intake for medicated treatment may take 12 to 19 days prior to exposure to unmedicated feed blocks depending on consumption rates and environmental conditions. When cattle block consumption of 0.1 pounds (1.6 oz) per 100 pounds of body weight (or 1.0 lb for mature cattle) per day is attained for several days on the nonmedicated En-Pro-AL Block. Also, the three (3) day medicated treatment with Safe-Guard En-Pro-AL Molasses Deworming Supplement Blocks (Medicated) may begin.


1.67mg fenbendazole per kg body weight per day for three days. Total dose for the three day period of 5mg fenbendazole per kg of body weight (2.27mg fenbendazole per pound). Also, remember that cattle need adequate forage must be available at all times to cattle receiving supplemental block feeding.

Residue Warning

With this product, cattle must not be slaughtered within 11 days following last treatment. Also, retreatment may be needed after six to eight weeks if there is continued exposure to parasites. For dairy cattle, the milk discard time is zero hours. Also, there is a withdrawal period has not been established for this product in pre-ruminating calves. Do not use in calves to be processed for veal.

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