Baler Twine and Net Wrap for Baling Hay

baling hayBaling hay is a process that farmers use in to store hay for use at a later time. A hay baler is a farm machine that compresses hay into compact bales. Baler twine and net wraps are material that is used to keep these bales together.

Bales can come in either a rectangular shape or round shape. Depending on what shape you choose determines the machine that can create the shape. The most common type of baler is the round baler. It produces cylinder-shaped “round” or “rolled” bales. The grass is rolled up inside the baler to a specific size at which the baler then wraps the twine or netting around the bale to hold its shape.

Smith Farm Supply has all your baler twine and net wraps supplies for your hay balers. Come in today and we can get you ready for baling hay season!

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