Smith Farm Supply Bagged Fetilizer

Did you know Smith Farm Supply bagged fertilizer?Bagged Fertilizer

We proudly manufacture  10-10-10 with pelleted lime, 13-13-13 with pelleted lime, 17-17-17, and pecan fertilizer 15-11-11.

Bag Fertilizer


If you’re unsure of your specific garden fertilizer needs, generally you’ll not go wrong applying 10-10-10 fertilizer an “all-purpose complete fertilizer” or balanced fertilizer for plants. Fertilizer 10-10-10 includes equal percentages of nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P), and potassium (K).  This is a complete fertilizer and is popular among customers.


This 13-13-13 is an all-purpose fertilizer. It helps provide the nutrients your plants need to grow. Ideal for your vegetable garden, shrubs, trees, hedges, and flowers.  Additionally, it is sometimes used for a quick green-up on lawns.


Fertilizer plays an important part in maintaining a lawn or garden. When soil lacks necessary nutrients, adding fertilizer provides them and encourages plant growth. Too much fertilizer or fertilizer that is applied incorrectly can have a negative effect, however, burning grass or other plants and even killing them in some cases. Because of that possibility, it is very important to apply strong lawn fertilizers such as the granular  17-17-17 correctly. Ask our staff at Smith Farm Supply for guidance on bagged fertilizer application.

Pecan Fertilizer

We custom blends and bags a 15-11-11 pecan fertilizer with 2% zinc. That 2% zinc is key to helping our customers achieve high-quality pecans on their trees.  According to the University of  Georgia cooperative extension service, pecan trees are rather heavy feeders and need 4 pounds (of fertilizer) per inch of trunk diameter. That seems like a lot, but the fact is if a tree trunk is 10 inches in diameter it needs 40 pounds of fertilizer to ensure it reaches nutritional requirements.  Also, the best time to fertilizer pecan trees according to the University of Georgia is in February.

We also carry fish pond fertilizer, and Super Rainbow branded fertilizer. Call your local Smith Farm Supply for pricing and to learn more about the correct fertilization to fit your needs.  In addition to bagged fertilizer, we do bulk fertilizer and liquid fertilizer application.

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