PMI Nutrition: Exclusive, Red Flannel, and Infinia

pmi nutritionPMI Nutrition has three brands ExclusiveRed Flannel, and Infinia that focus on different nutritional needs of your pet. Exclusive contains real meat and real protein. The #1 ingredient in Exclusive® Dog Food is savory, real meat including lamb, chicken, turkey or fish. Red Flannel is a complete and balanced formula that is suited for adult dogs and for all life stages. It includes antioxidants that support a healthy immune system.  Infinia is the brand they call holistic adult dog food. This recipe has ingredients to support immunity, longevity and vitality – healthy immune system, healthy digestive system, active bodies and beautiful coats.

PMI Nutrition pet foods have been developed and proven through extensive research to exceed the recommended nutritional levels established for your pets. Instead of national advertising, the marketing funds are invested in research to improve the quality of their pet food. This, in turn, provides superior nutritional diets at a lower cost. Below are the PMI Nutrition brands and formulas that Smith Farm Supply carries.

Exclusive Dog Food Formulas

Infinia Dog Food Formulas

Red Flannel Cat Food Formulas