Spypoint Trail Camera

The Spypoint experience is evolving. New and exciting features are here, and Spypoint users have more control than ever over what the Spypoint Trail Camera is to them. The new Spypoint Experience has three levels of features users can choose from to suit their needs.

High-power LEDsSpypoint Trail Camera

The camera uses 42 high-power low glow LEDs for great image quality. At night the infrared boost technology allows you to maximize the lighting when it counts. Blur reduction technology will enable you to reduce considerably the blurred effect that might be present on your photos.

Casual Hunter

If you are one of the millions of hunters whose main focus is hunting whitetail, the Casual Hunter package gives you 30 days of cloud-based image storage and access to the buck filter of our BUCK TRACKER technology. Also, this is offered to all of our customers at no charge.

Active Hunter

The Active Hunter package offers six months of image storage, the antlerless and turkey filters, filter-specific notifications, and is available per year and covers up to five cameras.

Spypoint Trail CameraAvid Hunter

For the serious hunters, the Avid Hunter package provides a full year of image storage, and access to all the BUCK TRACKER filters, including moose and coyote (launching later this summer). Additionally, favorited images can be downloaded at any time and free photo recovery will be available. The Avid Hunter package covers up to 10 cameras per year.

Furthermore, this is just the beginning of the evolution of the SPYPOINT EXPERIENCE. Ask a Smith Farm Supply employee what the Spypoint Trail Camera can do for your hunting experience.