Pine and Cedar Shavings

Smith Farm Supply has pine and cedar shavings available.cattle in barn with shavings horse in stall girl braiding mane

The pine shavings are in 8.5 cubic foot bags and are available in fine and large flake size. The cedar shavings come in 5 cubic foot bags.

Uses of Wood Shavings

large flake shavingGardening – Wood shavings are used as mulch in gardening. Shavings conserve moisture, prevent weeds and grasses.  Shavings are just many of the variety of products we carry for your lawn and garden.

Animal Bedding – We have both cedar and pine wood shavings.  Cedar and pine shavings are popular as pet bedding material because they have a pleasant aroma about them thus controlling bad odor. Also, cedar shaving are said to have some natural insecticidal properties as they tend to repel bugs. They provide for good bedding material for our pets and livestock animals as they are soft and make a good bed for these pets to rest or sleep on. In addition, they do not have much dust and absorb and keep the plant roots cool when they are spread around plants and shrubs.  Pine shavings are primarily used for gardening.

Shavings are also used on the floor of chicken coops.  Not only are they used on the floor of coops, but also in the nesting boxes.

The shavings are kilned dried and have very little dust,

How Are Shavings Made

Wood shavings are the waste obtained when the wood is shaped or planed using carpentry tools or machines like planers and milling machines. Wood shavings do not have a fixed size or shape. Generally, they are flat thin curls that peel off the surface of the wood when it is run through a planning machine or planer. They are soft and pile up well into huge heaps. Piles of wood shavings have a cushioning effect.

Wood shavings are a waste byproduct of wood used in construction work and furniture. This waste becomes a huge burden to dispose of. However since certain processes have been developed that use certain types of wood waste like shavings, thereby reducing the financial as well as the environmental cost of wasting these materials.

Stop in Smith Farm Supply for your pine and cedar shavings.


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