America’s Choice Grilling Pellets

Almost a million homes in the U.S. use wood pellets for heat — in freestanding stoves, fireplace inserts, furnaces, and boilers. America’s Choice grilling pellets are an effective, economical, and natural way to heat your home.America's Choice Grilling Pellets wood

At American Wood Fibers, we’re proud to produce premium hardwood and ultra-premium softwood pellets, which meet the highest industry standards. Furthermore, by combining our extensive wood fiber experience and the latest in processing technology we provide pellets that burn longer and burn hotter. Also, America’s Choice pellets comply with EPA and meet PFI Graded Premium Fuel regulations.

America’s Choice grilling pellets let you enjoy smoked flavor on the grill and in a smoker.

Some manufacturers of pellets and chips utilize any type of wood or wood by-product and then spray a flavoring on to the product. Moreover, these grilling pellets are all natural direct from the tree. This truly natural pellet offers a richer flavor when grilling or smoking. These wood pellets are 100% American made.

America’s Choice is:

  • 100% Natural (not treated wood)
  • All natural woods used to provide a richer flavor and aroma
  • No chemical or flavoring additive
  • Burns hot and clean
  • Distributes heat evenly and eliminates flare-ups (A true set-it and forget-it product)
  • Once lit, the temperature never fluctuates by more than 2-3 degrees with zero supervision (Forbes)

Premium wood grill pellets have arrived at our Lincolnton location just in time for summer!! Stop by and pick out your favorite of the two flavors before they’re gone!

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